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The Interior Design Coach: A comprehensive guide to success.

The Interior Design Coach: A comprehensive guide to success.

The Interior Design Coach: A comprehensive guide to success. The Interior Design Coach: A comprehensive guide to success.

Coaching/Mentoring for Interior Designers from an experienced Interior Designer. 

About Us

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Comprehensive Design Coaching

Whether you’re new to design or a seasoned professional, Beth can help. She acts as coach, consultant, and mentor to interior designers throughout the world by working with them through each step of a project, or just helping to overcome a single challenge. You will receive practical, logical information you can implement right away including specific understandable tasks and actions, assistance with contract language, rate negotiation, and project schedules and forms  to enable you to set up or refine your own process and customize them for your own needs.  

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Map to Success

Interior Design is a lonely career. Most of you work alone and have no prior business knowledge. With Beth in your corner, you have a seasoned professional interior designer from whom you can get advice, concrete answers, and specific examples. Often designers just need a periodic check-up to ensure they are on the right track. The Interior Design Coach will be one of your best resources.


About Beth

With almost 40 years of experience, Beth is a professional member of ASID and a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California. She has worked on projects throughout the world, commercial and residential, in large and small interior design and architectural  firms. What makes her different is that she is a working Interior Designer, and has encountered, and conquered, many of the challenges you face in your design practice. Improving the professionalism and body of knowledge in the industry is a particular passion for her and she has been coaching and mentoring designers for over 15 years. (Learn more about Beth.)


Listen to Rick Campos interview Beth on the popular Design Biz Survival Guide podcast.

What's New?

Beth is a monthly contributor to the online magazine "Designing a Business" on Houzz Pro.  

What Designers are saying about Beth...


“Beth's experience in both commercial and residential design, coupled with her confident demeanor and pragmatic approach to problem solving make her an outstanding resource for the design community.”

Beverly Stadler, ASID

Design Focus 

San Clemente, CA

ASID chapter President

Orange County 2003-04


“Gaining experience from someone who has been working in the business longer than you is invaluable. Beth not only runs a very successful Interior Design business, she has won countless awards and is regarded very highly among her peers. As a coach/mentor, Beth earns my highest recommendation!”

Candace Azevedo

Candace Manning Designs

Laguna Hills, CA

ASID Board member

Orange County  2006-10


“Beth is so great in what she does and so willing to share her great knowledge. She’s organized, has great communication skills, always up-to-date in everything design and technology. She’s a mentor to me and I owe my success in my business to her! In one word: AMAZING!”

Nazgol Seyedi

Nazgol Designs

Mission Viejo, CA

ASID chapter President

Orange County 2017-18


"Beth has outstanding leadership qualities, with skills and disposition as a kind, patient mentor and coach. Her willingness to openly share her experience and knowledge has launched many younger designers’ careers."

Sandra Tengan, ASID

Sandra Tengan Interior Design

ASID chapter President

Hawaii 2003-04


"I recently started my own design business. Going in, I thought that I knew everything I would need to know, but soon realized I had so many questions!! I was overwhelmed and decided to hire both a bookkeeping consultant, as well as a business coach - thinking that they would be able to guide and answer all the questions that kept coming up. But because our industry is so specific, I realized that what I really needed was someone who knew the interior design world. I immediately found Beth Whitlinger and could not be more grateful!! She not only is able to answer all of my questions, but is able to give me advice that has taken her years to acquire, which makes it absolutely invaluable!! I am pretty sure I would be lost in the business portion of this profession without her input and guidance. She is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend working with her!"

Erica Davis

Interior Design

Orlando, FL


"Beth's insight, experience and knowledge has been invaluable as I've been navigating a rapidly growing business. Her "I've been there" approach has created a space for community and problem solving that is unique to this industry. Drawing from her years of experience, she has helped me strategize for continual growth as well as given me advice that has set the course for success!" 

Lindye Galloway

Lindye Galloway Interiors 

Irvine, CA



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Every career path has its own unique twists and turns. Let Beth help you navigate the process to create your best interior design practice.

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